Nov 9, 2011

S P M vs S T P M

okay entry kali nih bout the biggest exam :)
is around the corner

just to show that i'm happy to be a student 
i'm STPM candidate in 2012
#wish me luck too 

so you guys out there please
be prepare okay for your own good
and i will pray for you alls
goodluck in your exam and do your best kay
always remember that you
can't forget Allah where ever you are :D

p/s : thanks to all my friend yang caring
 sgt pasal aku nak pindah skolah tuh 
korang jgn risau er , kita tetap kawan 
iloveyou all 

                                                                            ɛɛ3и v0ʏɛтα
Thank You for reading , Do coment and follow :) ♥ Eleena Zakaria

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